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Medicare Changes to Criteria for Colonoscopy

From 1 November 2019, the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items for colonoscopy services were restructured to align MBS arrangements with clinical guidelines. These changes facilitate provision of effective, evidence-based colonoscopy services; reduce low-value care; and improve access to MBS-funded colonoscopy services for those who need it. For referring doctors, this may impact on referring patients for a Colonoscopy. Our referral request forms provide detailed information on the triage process, please also click here to read the Medicare Clinician Fact Sheet.

Colonoscopy Clinical Care StandardConsumer Fact Sheet

The goal of the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard is to ensure the safe and appropriate use of colonoscopy, and to maximise patients’ likelihood of benefit from the procedure while reducing their risk of avoidable harm. Clinicians and health services can use this clinical care standard to support the delivery of high-quality care.

Click here to read the Clinician Fact Sheet

Click here to read the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard.

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